Anti-aging treatments


Botox is the acronym of BOTulinumTOXin. This can either be regarded as a neurotoxin or protein. This has been widely used in children for neurological conditions and eye conditions.In accurate doses, it is employed for various cosmetic purposes. The name 'Botox' is very much famous among the film fraternities because of their cosmetic significance. It is a fool proof treatment for removing the wrinkles on your face.


Dermal fillers are also referred to as liquid facelifts. These materials have many advantages of the surgical facelift methods. Dermal fillers can be beneficial in adding more volume to the existing skin portions. Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular dermal fillers today. They are being extensively used for filling smile lines, enhancing lips, improving shape of nose, cheek and chin augmentation. The result stays for 1-2 years depending on the product used and the age of the patient. This procedure has no downtime. Dermal fillers may also be used with other skin rejuvenation treatments to improve the quality of the treatment.

Fractional carbon-dioxide treatment:

Fractional carbon dioxide is commonly employed for skin re-surfacing. This treatment mode has the potential to effectively treat the microscopic zones in the skin tissues. The particular type of laser is used primarily for the treatment of photodamage(that can be either facial or non-facial).Photodamage can come either in the form of discoloration or as wrinkles. I is very effective for the treatment of scars due to burns, injuries and acne.

Stem cell treatment for skin (Vampire lift):

Skin treatment can also be performed by utilizing stem cells. The stem cells are usually derived frompatients blood. The reason why they are important is due to the fact that they contain growth factors and collagen. The growth factors play a major role in cell division. Elastin & collagen regulate the division of stem cells. When this treatment is undertaken, it can helpin reducing the wrinkles. This treatment is also very effective for hair regrowth.