Simply put, this skincare technique removes the thicker, uneven, outer dead layer of the skin. The long-lasting benefits of this treatment include rejuvenation,reduction in age spots, black head removal, tackling hyperpigmentation as well as exfoliation.You can also turn to it to reduce fine lines or enlarged wrinkle pores.It can be easily combined with all the clean ups and facials treatments mentioned above. Turn to our experts for advice on your particular case.

Crystal Microdermabrasion

This procedure aims to rectify the age related imperfections in the skin. The outer skin layers are exfoliated through this procedure. A wide range of skin issues can be solved using this technique. The results of this technique to cure wrinkles, ageing lines, pigmentation, blackheads, open sores etc are immediate and very much visible. In this procedure, a crystal handset is placed on the layers of the skin. Through this device, microscopic aluminium oxide crystals flow into the skin surface. Since these abrasive crystals are emitted at a high rate, they facilitate the proper removal of the epidermal layer of the skin. As soon as these crystals finish performing the required functions, they are sucked out through a separate apparatus. This process further helps in the exfoliation of the outer layer of the epidermis, known as the stratum corneum.

Microdermabrasion is a very popular, machine-assisted skin-exfoliating treatment. Microdermabrasion has advantages of low risk and rapid recovery compared to the other more invasive resurfacing methods such asdermabrasion, chemical peeling, and laser resurfacing. Since microdermabrasion produces only a very superficial depth of skin removal, it works best on improving conditions on the surface of the skin such as early photoaging (sun damage), fine lines, age spots, acne, and superficial scarring. Although the face is the most common area for microdermabrasion, any skin area, including neck, chest, back, and hands, may be treated. Microdermabrasion is sometimes referred to as "microderm," lunchtime peel, Parisian Peel, and Diamond Peel.